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Goodbye My Friend

It is with great remorse that I inform you all that the Lady Sadie was laid to rest yesterday afternoon. We spent a wonderful day together. She’d been for a long walk with her dad the day prior. Yesterday she started the day with a fantastic smorgus board meats, poultry and veggies, loads of gravy. Followed by a nice long van ride to Toronto with her friend Rowley where she met up with another friend Bella at the Wellness Centre. She spent time exploring and when time Sadie went straight up the ramp to the pool. That dog loved to swim. This time I was fortunate enough to join my girl in the water as she swam wearing a life jacket.

Sadie enjoyed herself so much and with such little pain as her hind legs floated in the water. Next another van ride home. Liba came to say goodbye and Sadie had another nice meal followed by treats. (I don’t even feed her lunch normally and she still insisted on treats too.) After a little nap she had a massage from mommy.

She loves to be outdoors so Sadie spent some time in the yard then back in to nap some more. Big day for this girl.

I laid on the floor with her, carressing and kissing, saying my goodbyes as she drifted away. No pain, no anxiety but she took my love with her.

Sadie was a wonderful girl, sweet, loving and attentive. She liked all other animals and people. She saved me in so many ways. We’ll miss her…what a hole I feel.