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Why Don’t Owners Stoop And Scoop?

Too Pooped to Scoop? 905-989-9990Why don’t dog owners pick up their animals’ waste?

There are only three reasons a dog owner does not pick up after his dog during a walk: lack of preparation, awareness and respect.

Did I mention there is a $130 fine for not stooping and scooping?

Not only is pet excrement offensive to the eyes and nose but also a potential threat to the environment and health of wildlife, children and other pets.

Poop is serious stuff.

Consider this: it is bio-hazardous waste, a major contributor to phosphorus in our lakes, produces methane and there is a risk of cross-contamination, which potentially spreads disease anywhere someone walks after walking through it.

Pet waste can cause blindness in children, worms in animals and humans, takes up to one year to break down, invites flies, rats and mice to dine.

Dog feces contains billions of coliform bacteria. Poop is left on the ground where it eventually finds its way into our natural waterways, contaminates and spoils our swimming and fishing recreational areas. Research has shown dog feces is a major cause of water pollution.

Can’t stomach it? Try double bagging, carry something that will help contain the odour; maybe a small bucket or try a zipped plastic bag.

Plan your route to include a public garbage can in which to drop the bag. Be prepared with extra bags. Petition to have bags and disposal systems at each park.

Please stoop and scoop, for the sake of us all.